Abundance… Flow freely through us. Give us in Abundance to Receive from us in Abundance. Astu.

Human is potent to receive all in abundance that Nature has ever created. Abundance is a free flow. The less we block it, the more we allow it, the more it flows through us. The only condition is that we must allow. This allowance happens when we let it flow freely through us when we do not block it for our selfish purposes. It’s a creation, a creativity, open for all to be enjoyed. Open for all to be used. Open for all to make the most out of it. It is at the very core of all manifestations. Abundance is the source energy, the motivation, the key to every goal that needs to be achieved, every desire that needs to be fulfilled, every source that needs to be reached and awakened. It is Abundance. And we all Humans are potent enough to let it flow through us. Including material abundance.

Material Abundance is as much a part of growth, as much a Spiritual Abundance. One is outer realm and on is inner. And Whole is only possible when we be capable of attracting both Abundances freely into our lives. When we can succeed to both inner and outer realms. They are interconnected. Reflection of one on the other is very natural. It is only us who neglect one over the other and distort the reflection. It is our very right and capability to have the highest Abundance into our lives, throughout. At every single moment we live.

Nature has created and freely distributed all the elements to encourage co-existence. The growth of all at once. At their very own level. And Nature herself doesn’t retain any power on possessing it. It creates and freely distributes. No power possession. We Humans fonder here. And we run in a rat race for power possession. To acquire it all for our very selfish motives. And we do not only negate Abundance for ourselves, we also do so for others as we disturb the very rhythm of Abundance that is freely flowing for all.

Why Abundance flow most freely through Humans? It is not only because Humans are most potent to attract it or give back, it is also because Humans can purposefully Direct them and make the most potent use of it. For the benefit of self and for all others. Till the cosmos has its reach, humans have the reach to direct the flow of this Abundance. Only Humans have them after Nature herself.

It is not only about material abundance, it is the same about spiritual abundance. The power of receiving and giving exfoliate in the inner realm. Into the Truth, Light and Purity we can have kindled within us. Into our very core intentions and emotions we have cultivated within us. Into the skills we have articulated within us. Thus material abundance as well is first created within and then attracted and reflected in outer realm. Our inner realm is the richest source of abundance in itself. We just need to let it work freely and naturally. Then everything in this universe is ours. No one can stop us from enjoying it.

Just two conditions. Number one, Let it be Whole that is inner along with outer. And second two, do not ever try to posses it for selfish motives. And the thumb rule to attract yet more and more and more is… to give more and more and yet more…

Nature has no choice but to abundantly bestow on us when we are selflessly prepared to give whatever we receive, whatever is created within us. It is for Nature to take care of how is it going to shower on us, for us it is to freely share whatever comes to us or whatever is generated within us. Free Flow. Let it.

And then see, how beautiful the life becomes. Like a rainbow in sky, like a lotus in pond, like a waterfall on mountain. Like Sun and moon and stars and everything. Easy, Effortless, Loving, Warm, Selfless, Creative and very Natural. You can add as many adjectives you would like to. Even they can be in abundance.

I have enjoyed writing this very blog so much and I am dragged into thinking how Nature must be feeling to see the rhythm of flow she has created for all of us. What amount of love must she be bearing within her to take care of every single living being on this universe. How much must she be fulfilled and joyful to spread and receive back and recycle or reform and freely sharing once again, just so that we all can grow. Naturally, unconditionally. Man, what a feeling!! Can’t write anymore but for sure it will reach to you all. And would flow further through you as well.

May it. May the very purpose of Nature be served through us, all the Humans. Amen. Astu.