Wholeness. Living as a whole. Knowing every facet of yours, accepting it, bringing them all to a center point and living from that center point is what I call as Whole living or Wholeness. Your intrinsic facets like Mind, Body, Intellect, Spirit, Values, Intentions. Your body as your instrument and your exterior facets like social, economical, environmental facets as well as your reach.

What happens to most of the lives at most of the times? We live in fragments. We consider few aspects and leave unattended rest. In hurry, in chaos, in stark competition, in struggle and stress we do fail to give enough attention. Here is the reason of we not reaching far. It is not about being Buddha or being a Sadhaka to live a life, it’s about living it fully, all chords connected and rightly stretched to bring out the Music. The music of Soul, which can only be brought forth when all our facets are in line, attached to each other.

We are most close to us when we are able to consider all our facets at once and live out of that reality. It is not about being the best it’s about being the whole. When we consider it all, we are fully aware of all that we are, all that our circumstances are and henceforth Only we know What Best We Can to react to live. Moment by moment. In full control of it all. In full awareness. Here we provide ourselves the chance to Meet ourselves most and make modifications, make progress. To know and to Grow. Again to know more and to grow more. At all times remaining whole. Bringing it all to one center point and living from there.

What is the demand of the situation, what is our mental and emotional state, what is our intellectual reach, what is our physical capacity, what is the say of our outward facets and resources. Everything at once, every single moment. And gradually you will realise that there’s one place within you which is receiving it all and signalling you how to act and react, how to live that situation. This is your Best Guide. A still and silent space within you. All the authentic power and serenity resides here. We need to give it a chance. Then no life would ever go worthless. Not a single moment would ever go worthless. And your reach would go beyond imagination. Deep, Impactful, Peaceful, Joyous, Far reaching, Ever growing. Isn’t it that we crave for in all of our’s lives???

This isn’t difficult. In fact it is very simple and gentle technique or rather i would call it as a process. You just need few seconds or minutes to take account of it all. Pass that message within may be in a prayer form, all your within to process (you don’t need spare time for this to happen, you just need to allow and be open for it) and simply follow the guidance you receive from within. Respect it, Trust it, be Receptive towards it, Follow it and you will receive it more and more.

The more you will know, the more resources you will be able to fetch. And that will happen effortlessly. Less and less of struggle. Like an effortless flow. All living forms live as whole but being the most special specie, we Humans can use it for our own growth as well the growth of many more. Consciously. The Conscious impact is the Gift Nature has only bestowed on us the Humans. How can we waste it? How can we live so small, a sleepy life, where you do not know what you are doing and what is happening to you?

Liberation is only possible through whole living. Potent living. Full living. Nothing left unnoticed or undone in unconsciousness. You know, you live, you grow and you liberate. This is invoking your Supreme Self. And for few it is also living your Supreme Self. We name them as God.

The wholeness. The Human Potential.


In Love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal