Effortlessness is a parameter for how much have one evolved. How in rhythm one is. Effortlessness is effortlessness. One desires for something and the entire universe conspires to make it happen. All the resources come to you on its own, without you struggling to acquire it. Like the sunflower opening it’s petals and blooming to it’s fullest with it’s brightest colours. The whole world can dance to the glory of that one single sunflower. No efforts needed to bloom. Simple, gentle, natural and such a creative expression.

We all have some or the other day experienced this greatest phenomena of the cosmos. But it’s like miracle for us and the fact is this miracles can happen every single day. Every single moment. You crave for something, you find the need and you get all the resources without any efforts without any struggle. However huge that dream is, that vision is, that desire is. It just happens smoothly, fluently, silently, without making any noise, any chaos or hindrances.

When this becomes possible? When our entire existence is flowing towards the living of ‘Who we are’ and ‘What we are meant to live as’. Our intentions, our thoughts and intellect, our heart and emotions, our physical movements, our focus, the existence and co-existence. They are all in the beautiful alignment. You are purely your own Nature. You are living your Pure Being. Your purpose and the purpose of Nature for you is in flow. No blockage whatsoever from your side. Then an orchestra is created which produces Effortless Music. The music of your Soul. The symphony of your Being.

Your existence is dancing and you Touch the infinity, every single living being in this cosmos. Your limitless joy within, your serene presence makes all the difference to everything around. And not just so. It is far reaching, boundless, infinite. Here, in this state, the miracle happens. Even on every single moment. All great works take shape here.

Though reaching this state is in itself the biggest journey ever. Some may even take lives and lives even to come closer to it. As it requires tremendous work and surgery over one’s entire being. For whom we have seen as happening in just few moments, there remains ages and ages of struggle tale, just to reach that one single point, called as Effortlessness. That is the reason, for one to know what peak is he on, he can gauge through effortless happenings in his life. The finer one becomes, the deeper one goes, the nearer one reached to the core and align everything from hereon can attain this state of Effortlessness. All material and spiritual abundance, all energy, all resources come to you as a Gift. As if it was all waiting for you to reach there, to attain that. Your life is infinite, boundless, eternal and greatest ever possible. The highest potential any living form can ever have.

There has to be minutest awareness of self and all that is happening around. There has to be deep rooted desire to attain, there has to be open arms receptivity, there has to be Trust, there has to be readiness to change. If so is present, your every throbbing breath, your blood flow in every single vein, your all the millions of cells, every single pour of your body, every contraction of your heart pumps lives for it. Then Nature bow downs to you and facilitate you with it all. Effortlessly, like a feather falling to the ground. No struggle, no obstructions. Simple and gentle flow. And that’s it.

In Love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal