What is the highest reach of a Human? When a Human is ‘Hu’ ‘Man’ “The God in Man”. The Supreme Being or God or Highest Potent Human, whatever we may call it? The ultimate quest or exfoliation or journey of the Human is to reach the “TRUTH LIGHT AND PURITY”.

Truth of self, the individual truth and Truth of it all, the Ultimate Truth. Light as the source to reveal the truth and Purity as a capacity to hold the Light and Truth. Together they are the ultimate reality, ultimate potential of a Human. The God within or the Supreme Being.

SWAYAM, the Essential Being.

Knowingly or unknowingly, awakened or dreaming, we are heading towards Swayam, our essential being. As Humans only we have the capacity to know all the secrets, all the truths, the supreme intelligence is intending to share, but only to the Deserving few. As Humans we have the capacity to be Enlightened or be bodhin which can see and read all these secrets or the Truth. As Humans only we have the capacity to cleanse it all and be Purest, which is the only place where Truth and Light can reside.

Whole of our journey, all our struggle, the Soul craving is to attain this state of Swayam. This is what Life and Growth is meant for. This is what Nature is nurturing us for. Who am I? What is my meaning in this life? The purpose of being, the purpose of this life, these are all instrument given to every single Human, with the ultimate purpose of carving individual  journey or refining self is to reach to the state of Truth Light and Purity. Swayam, the Essential Being.

The one’s who have digged the deep within, knows that ultimate reason for all the struggles, all of the cravings is to eliminate darkness and toxicities to let the light kindle, to let the purity establish and let the truth emerge. All of the sources of joy, bliss, abundance, infinity, eternity, knowledge and health rains here. We all have experienced these byproducts some or the other time, in small or little bigger quantity and henceforth we have Tasted the state or nectar called as ‘Nirvana or Moksha’. In fragments or for a while. This Taste of a while is spark enough to provoke us to taste this nectar eternally and wholly. One must know that But they come with a price tag. Price of immense desire, selfless intentions, Dedication of lives, integrity, Trust, Readiness and free flow. And on the top, the fully blossomed awareness and receptivity towards Change.

The unusual discoveries of mysteries of Nature, the worthy inventions, the Life changing acts, the loving, caring, compassionate and enhanced living… all of these are then bestowed to those seekers and followers. No power, no knowledge can ever reveal or reach here, only the surrendered whole beings, only the Surrendered and Invoked Souls. Accepting the self as merely the selfless Instruments.

The Co-Creator living for the Co-Existence.

Unconditional Surrendering is the Price for this. But one must be fully aware of where this surrendering should flow. One must at every single moment know that every individual has his own surrendering to be offered. On this journey one must at every single moment be awakened and checking, whether his/her energy or surrendering is in right direction or not. And the sign is effortlessness. Emerging ease of self, easy availability of resources, the doors opening on its own. Step by step. The path being enlightening. And ultimately your within telling you. Buddy you are on right track.

And in Swayam, nothing is hidden, nothing is impure, nothing is un-revealed. You are on a mountain top in a bright day light, from where you can know it all. You can live it all.

The ultimate Human Potential : Reaching Truth Light Purity.

Swayam : The Essential Being.

May in full awareness, with full receptivity, and whole surrendering, we all attain this state of Supreme Self. The ultimate Human Potential.

Astu. Amen.


In Love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal