What happens when we are struck with the first spark of awareness? The first spark of who we are. In awareness The journey begins…

With that very first spark our life changes. For sure. Even the dimmest ray of Sun and entire world changes. Now we can never turn back. We may get tired, we give up, we rise again, we sometimes limp or walk, sometimes we run or eve fly. We may step down as well but can never ever return to the state of complete darkness, we were in before. Now only forward marching. Knowingly, unknowingly, intentionally, unintentionally, willingly, unwillingly, spontaneously or struggling. The only way is forward marching. Towards Light, towards Truth, towards Purity. Towards our highest potential of our Self Supreme Being.

All situation the life has been providing us continuously, whether in stark darkness or little brightness or full beaming brightness, are meant for us for our growth. The Nature supports Life is doing so. This is our so called destiny.

Few of us take it full to their stride and live up to the highest and live legendary. They not just liberate themselves they are also light for others to liberate. Their life and their work enlightens and be worth for hundreds or thousands of years for N number of Human being and through Humans other living beings as well.

Few of us awake momentarily sleep into darkness (never into stark darkness as before), re-awake and forward march, stops or step down again for a while but can never be left behind for ever for now. They struggle and yet they are pulled by something within. This tug of war continues till one dedicates towards full potential exploration.

No one can ever judge how long the journey for one would go on for. It can happen in few moments or it can also take several lives for others. It can never be judged or measured from out. From the mere existence. This is inner journey. Outer existence is a mere reflection of within.

What happens to our practical living? We face chaos and confusion, we face struggle and stress, known or unknown, our health deteriorates for no reasons. Our relationships suffer, we lose hold on our situations and conditions. For some the superficial success looks apparent but the inner self is highly disturbed. For some a life in itself becomes struggle. Failure at few levels or even at all the levels.

This is transitional phase. When we see others facing same, be compassionate, they ate adjusting to their new level of awareness. Be compassionate towards self as well and be loving enough to the wounds we give to ourselves and others while taking hold of it all. What happens is the transformation takes shape within and due to lack of knowing and awareness, layers of emotional confusions and liming belief patterns and many such reasons, our existence come to late realisation of what is happening and why. For what reason. We do not understand neither we have control on our reflection to the situations and conditions. We react as changed beings. And it becomes difficult for us to know or even accept. This happens and affect on such a large perspective at the same time to the very minutest level of Being but it’s after effect is huge. Enhanced and touching to several lives. Only the Tranquil, Silent, Still and Serene Humans can digest it well.

‘Trusting Patience with pure Intentions is the only key.’

Isn’t this what we are seeing within and all around. Every single Human is passing through the same transitional phase including we ourselves. Be loving and caring towards the self, be loving, caring and compassionate towards all others. Every single person in our life, near ones and far ones and even unknown ones.

Our highest purpose in this life is to ‘Live as who we are’ a Human with a purpose. The purpose is the path assigned. The purpose is the way to know and live this life. Unfortunately very few can and even if they do, it’s at later part of life. Anyways the moment we wake up the moment we can charge up and dwell into it.

I trust that early rising is possible, right pathway and processes are possible. Individual carving and growing is possible. Nature is making the way for it. Through some chosen ones. Then in coming age, Humans will be able to be consciously living since very early age and henceforth many and many will be able to unbound their potential and live the life of legacy. For themselves, for many more and even for the entire cosmos as well.

Astu. Amen.


In Love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal