All our life we strive for unleashing our highest potential. All we do is to grow, to progress, to achieve. Whatever our desires may be, whatever our dreams or goals may be but at the core we strive to unleash our potential.

Unfortunately we struggle to do so whereas unleashing our potential is a Simple Gentle Creative Natural and yet authentically Powerful process. Just like the life is.

So what invites struggle? Why can’t we unbound if it is that is easy and gentle? For generations to generations we see and experience only struggle struggle and struggle and same codes we pass on to the next. The fact is, it is just the opposite. Then where’s the problem? Why struggle?

Struggle is associated with only one word ‘Control’ or ‘Possess’. Just this one word we can drop and we drop everything. Fears, insecurities, greediness, distrust, lust, every struggle provoking stigmas are in root associated with our plastic need of ‘controlling’ or ‘possessing’. Is this making sense?

Go within. Access every moment you live with, every moment you struggle for, what is at the core? You want things in your way, situations and conditions in your way, relationships working as per your ways, you want the life and destiny to be working in your own way. It’s same with all of us. We have created a very deep rooted stigma of our righteousness  and the way we want. Anything outside our wanting or our way or against our righteousness is a struggle. But we fail to realise that it is the same stigma that holds us back. It is the same stigma that limits us. It is the very same stigma that obstructs our growth, very our potential. And seeing at few so called ‘successful’ people if are you trying to imitate, you are at highest misery as you are simply not knowing what ‘potential as humans’ you have. Every single one of us.

We are infinite, limitless, eternal, immortal, abundant, blissful, Whole Beings. Very Effortless.

Just one stigma of ‘controlling’ in between. And that is in our mind. That is in our ego. The very false one. Unleashing needs Surrendering. Simply flowing. Dropping all the needs of controlling or owning on the way. Then unleashing becomes effortless. Natural and Creatively Beautiful. It is as spontaneous as a flower blooming or sun rising and setting, moon shining and a butterfly rejoicing.

Is is making sense?

Even if will it make sense, the very next moment the mind will raise question, ‘how can one live if one cannot possess or control?’ Generating struggle is mind’s job and unfortunately we are all slaves of our mind. The same mind is limiter and the very same mind is unleasher. It is how we can make use of it.

Let’s come to the point, how can we live if we drop the stigma of controlling or possessing? We can. Let’s experiment with one simple process. Closing our eyes. Connecting within. Just visualise the practical living day. In vision, We do everything as we have to. Our daily routines, our duties towards our own self and our near dear ones and many other that make sense for us BUT we do not try to intervene or impose or make any efforts to control. Visualise this as a whole. experiencing with all senses alive and being aware of all that can happen. Only condition is wherever we come to controlling the situation or condition or a relationship, drop it, just react without the stigma of owning or righteousness or ego or imposing or controlling or possessing. SIMPLY ALLOWING. You may indulge into visualisation with just couple of events or a chosen time period. Your own choice. Simply allow without intervening.

Life can be lived with highest capacity beyond our imagination when we drop the stigma of controlling. When we simply we Trusting and Allowing. Surrendering to whatever the Life/Nature demands from us. Remaining fully aware. Totally alert at every single moment of life.

We do not receive or we do not fully enjoy even whatever we receive simply because we know No Trust.

In Trust it all happens.

What did you experience?

Owning without controlling is the most beautiful and authentic Art and Science of Living. We make our livelihood but we do not involve our need of possessing. We simply allow it all to Flow. Towards us and through us. No blockage of Ego or Attachment or need to Control. Simply Allowing. This is the way to Abundance. This is the way to potent living. This is the only way to graceful, beautiful and infinite version called as Self. or Being. or I. The peace, the energy, the knowing, the joy, the stillness, the space, the fulfillment, the oneness, it all will come to you limitless. Abundance is also less a measure.

I without I.

Make a wiser use of mind in creative expression of self, let your Heart connect you with your True Potent self and Flow.

You will get to enjoy all the Great Things of Life, even the one’s you couldn’t even dream of in deep sleep or nightmares.

Control is only the need of our mind and never of our living. Let it go. Let it go. Drop it. Let your life be showering you with abundance, beauty, grace, effortlessness, bliss.

The way of Essential Being to Enhanced Being to Liberated Universal Being. The True Human Potential.

May we all Regain it forever within this very Life.

Astu. Amen.


In Love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal