We all can be larger than life. We all can be the highest version of ourselves. In this very life. The life gives us opportunity to make it every single moment. Then it is left upon us how we respond to the same and how do we take it further.

For the opportunists the journey begins with the decision to make the best out of this life. Convert every moment into the opportunity to grow and reach for the stars. What happens when we decide not just to be dragged by but to sail through our whole idea for living changes. Our whole perception towards life broadens. Our sphere enhances. Our wisdom deepens. And our whole reflection and response to all the situations and conditions changes.

The change is only the change of perceiving, change of reacting and responding, change within ourselves to meet the life eye to eye but the whole scenario of life changes before us. Before we were just breathing and living to catch up with livelihood or to follow our few dreams but now we live to make the best the life can offer to us. We live to unleash our highest potential. We challenge life and our own self at once to let the best happen for us.

Life responds to brave-hearts.  And once we show our dedication and integrity, we show our openness and courage to take challenges, we drive towards changing self and change outer world, Life gives us more and more of opportunities. We now have chances to make bigger accomplishments. We now have greater chances to prepare us for higher challenges and living. We strive to become deserving enough. We strive to become more. To be more. To eliminate our inner hurdles, to cleanse the chaos and confusions and to act with much greater clarity.

We begin to ‘own responsibility’ for all that was, all that is and all that can be. Responsibility is the only ownership or possession a Human can actually own. We come to this realization. We begin to loose control on the possibilities and outcomes, we just adjust accordingly and respond. Unconditionally, unquestionably. The blames dissolve. The responsibility ownership strengthens. The perception widens. The serenity deepens. We invite more Light and Truth within. A lot more cleansing happens and Purity takes hold.

How come can one waste life, when so much can happen by just shifting our vision?

In fact what can happen in just one life is unimaginable and limitless phenomena. But to majority for us is to shift to a little more higher. The life is meant to be lived in reality. For what is as of now. And we just have this very moment to live at the best. But by doing so, we are changing reality of tomorrow, which we are building today. Our reality tomorrow can will be much higher, may even be, larger than life or may be even beyond that for the few chosen ones. Those chosen ones or blessed ones can be any one of us, the ones who dedicates and show integrity, who Trust and simply flow. The one’s who accept the reality that we are only co-creators and that we have to live for co-existence. The more we contribute towards co-existence the more we get to live. The more we accept the fact that we are no owners or creators by ourselves, we are the instruments, we are the co-creators, the more abundance life bestows on us.

Then, after all this platform is set and lived upon, the channel to infinity, eternity, effortlessness and wholeness opens for us. And we go limitless.

Are we interested in changing our vision and taking challenges and converting every single living moment as an opportunity to be the best version of ourselves???


In Love with Life

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal