We Humans understand the language of logic and science so today let us talk logic and science. Logic which is constant, equal, all pervasive and established unchallenged. And Logic is which is derived, selfish, limited and challengable.

The Logic which is constant and established is a LOGIC OF LIFE. We can call it as Truth, at the very core of all life. Life means a space for all to live, space for all to grow, space for all to participate and contribute. And the LOGIC OF HUMANS is restricted to self growth or for few more, periodic, variable.

Life has his own set of rules or science of logic which plays as thumb rule all throughout, equally abiding to all, at all of the times, all over. The way we take care of ourselves, our few near and dear ones, few more for some, and many for few more…Life takes care of all living forms, for all their lives, past present and future, all at once and all forever.

Life does this by allowing participation of living forms itself. What a game. You play for yourself and you play for others as well!!! Humans are the topmost players. They are given highest tools, opportunities, creative abilities to let it all happen. For their own growth and for the growth of all other living forms.

History says Humans of early evolution period were innocent and highly available to life in this process and henceforth we witness our ancestors performing high caliber of living, effortlessly unleashing their highest potential and living larger than lives which all encompasses other lives down the history of thousands of years. In few cases it surpasses even the era of thousands of years, its beyond that. Take the case of Vedas and other age old scriptures and established science and knowledge system.

But the more Man could achieve, the more human mind got corrupted, more it involved in manipulation and EGO developed more and more. The more ego came into play, the less unleashing of potential and effortless manifestation occurred. This is the reason why our ancestors knew it all and they could perform it all and we struggle.

So what is the Logic of Life says and what is that Logic of Human says?

Logic of Life says : Growth is equal opportunity for all. Anything and everything that needs to be done should be taking into account equally for all. Logic of Human says : I want it all for myself only.

Logic of Life says : One must contribute or give in quality as well as quantity. The receiving can only be in proportion to the giving. To receive more one must selflessly contribute more. Logic of Humans say : I want all by contributing to my own growth. I do not care for others. Give less and get more and more.

Logic of Life says : The growth is in proportion to the deserving qualities. To more one becomes deserving the more one grows. Deserving is reaching to essential core and operating from thereon. Deserving is the one who is prepared to own responsibility. To shoulder responsibility of more and more lives. Logic of Human says : I Me and Myself.

Logic of Life says : Only Life has the ownership and righteousness to all. Humans seeking growth and prepared to participate in Life’s mission, must simply loose all control, accept co-creatorship and live for co-existence. Life says I am the one who give opportunity for those who are ready to take. Logic of Human says : I am the creator. I create opportunities, I grow with my skills and henceforth I am the creator of it all. And I must be entitled to all abundance and bliss in life.

These are the main logic of Life and that of Humans and we see the situation by ourselves. We, the ones who should be effortlessly flowing and manifesting all that is.. instead we are struggling for every minutest achievement in life. We strive for peace, joy, bliss, health, abundance and knowing and we are ending up in chaos, confusions, stress, struggle, limitations and so on…

In series, we will discuss further on how it all works and what we Humans should be following.. mainly seekers of higher life. By then share your views freely on the same.


In Love with Life

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal