Taking further Logic of Life v/s Logic of Humans… Potent life is fine tuning between Self and Life. Everything else come in between or as a byproduct of this rhythm. We as a self have desires, dreams, fulfillment needs, our own pleasures, joy, peace, success, enhancement. Life has it’s own demand. Life taking care of larger sphere creates his own situations. Everything depends on how we respond. All rest is outcome of choice we take, responses we offer.

We strive for our own growth and life strives for growth of every living being. And most of the times they clash with each other. We are selfish for our own self, life is selfish for all the living beings at once. How to deal with this efficiently, in progress of both, as eventually growth of self is growth of life and growth of life is growth of every individual being. So the fine tuning is choosing priority wisely and deliberately.

For this we first need to understand how life performs and how we perform. Life creates situations, life awakens conditions. The entire living system is the arena of Life. And life has it’s own logic and science to govern or operate. What we have in our hand is how we respond to life situations and conditions. We have our body, mind, intellect, emotions, spirit and skills of relationship to operate with. Life has we, all the living beings to operate with.

Our soul has it’s own path for growth and reach for the highest. And it speaks through the language of emotional reactions. It guides through the desires and aspirations and dreams. The need for peace, the need for pleasure, the need for joy, the need for fulfillment or satisfaction, the need to take hold or control. All these are language of soul. And situation demand and conditions are language of life. And till one reaches to certain level they mostly differ. And it is both to take care of each other and move upwards in life. Now how to cope up with both? How to balance or fine tune?

We need to look at it from two angles. The first one is that at every instance we have to choose between responding to needs of life or needs of self. What to be aware of while responding? what it asks for and what we gain out of it. Our eye should always remain on are we growing from within? is it enriching our being? Or is it nurturing the illusionary need created by our mind or false ego? And while responding in favour of demand of life, we must be aware of how far are we sabotaging our self? our own being and weigh it accordingly and then act? Sounds to much a work. Short cut is follow your gut feeling. It knows it all.

To swim or to be swayed away in a flow is what we have to decide between. Control is the need of life and control is the need of self as well. Control assures security, control lets fulfillment and need for security and fulfillment is at the very root of all growth activities.

If you have read yesterday’s post, logic of life v/s logic of humans, you would have understood that as Humans we have free will also and we have responsibility as well. Free will is to the extent of making choice and accepting outcomes for the same and shouldering responsibility it to participating in Life’s system of Growth for all. What weighs higher, what satisfies most, should be the criteria of a choice.

Lastly few reminders… Humans are highest evolved living form in entire cosmos, all creation and growth process of all lives  highly depend on manifestation capacity and potential unfolding of Humans But at the same time, Humans are not the ultimate authority. The government above Humans is Life. And it has last say.

Second, we need to be giving and be deserving and be integrative and be undertaking responsibility for our own growth along with growth of all at once. The more we bear, the more we are prepared the more we receive. And at the same time, the only ownership a man can retain is responsibility, all rest he receives only to give away. If man accepts this willingly and reflect accordingly, then it all becomes smooth and effortless for us. Then abundance and bliss showers like limitless for us.

Last thing if we Humans can digest, our highest growth is only in our contribution to the growth of the rest. We can only enhance and have a say as far as our reach to Give reaches.

So Life is all ours. To play, to manipulate, to be used and unfolded. Whatever we wish to do with. What would you choose?


In Love with Life

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal