Love is… A meditation, a teaching, a science, an art, the source, the core. All ideology right? So what love is?

For me love is like a meditation, when you are meditating, you focus on just one point. Through that one focal point, when fully engrossed, your knowing deepens, your powers enhance, your being gets elevated. You shift to yet higher level. You break boundaries. You become rich, profound, flowing. It is the manifestation energy.

When one is in love with that one being, one object, one matter, one form, formlessness, how can one be in love with other thing as well? How can one need that other focal point as well? If in meditation you tend to go from here and there, you keep shifting your focus or energy, what are you going to gain out of it?

Meditation in itself is so profound, it is doors to all the knowings, all the powers, all the wisdom, all the secrets of life and nature, its just that you need to fully engross with it. And you will be able to broadcast your energy all over, you become capable of receiving all energy around. From the entire universe to the entire universe.

Love is love. It need no object. Like a heart or mind or body or all of them together to make it complete as people feel so. Love is whole in itself, love is profound in itself, love is all manifesting in itself, love is flowing of energy in itself. It is limitless, beyond boundaries. It is upto us how capable we are to reach to the height of love. You can be in love even with formless, you experience love that is it.

When in love, you experience profoundness, you experience your growth, you experience effortlessness, you experience flow, make sure you are touching the right chords.

And if you find the need to be in receiving and giving love to many at once or need to change loving focal point from one to another, make sure within you, you are unfulfilled, you are yet incomplete, your love is yet conditional, you have yet to know the intensity of love, of one focal point, like a meditation. If not so, for the true lovers or seekers, it’s just one focal point. You pour your whole self at that point, you may use several methods but for that one point and you rule the world.

This is what love at it’s highest level. This is what love is. And this is where we all belong. If not we must strive for. Like getting fully engrossed in the meditation. This is what love means to me.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal