img-20161228-wa0004Spontaneous Manifestation:

Are we finding the need of Becoming More? The need to be More at every single sleeping and waking moment of our life? And all Manifestations that can happen spontaneous and effortless? Aren’t all our thoughts, emotions, intelligence, skills, physical acts, deeds and energy flows in just one direction, to be More? To be Spontaneous and Effortless?

This More is Infinite, Eternal, Effortless, Unbound, Abundant and Blissful Being. Although this More is residing  within us, yet where do we find ourselves in our reality? Struggling, stressed, limited, small, restricted, fearful and insecure.

Being Humans, we are Supermost living forms in the entire Universe bestowed with highest Potential, Opportunities, Mind Tools, Intelligence, Intuitive and Emotional powers and Creativity to reach for all that we wish for, aspire or dream for. And how do we find ourselves actually living? Dragging life on every single moment living just for making our livelihood or little extra mile for a few…

Isn’t it? So then where do we miss out? What Art and Science of knowing and living we fail at?

The touch with the Core.

The Core of Self and The Core of Life.
And the Art and Science of implementing them into our reality.

We are in the mist of confusion, chaos, limiting beliefs, misinterpretations, distrust, fear, manifestation of ego and to its very roots a deepest sense of ‘controlling’ and ‘disowning responsibility’. As our subconscious have accumulated them all in tons. Whereas our highest potential is to attain Light, Truth and Purity. Our very Core. The Touch to our very Core can only happen when we clear our and cleanse the mist.

How to cleanse? How to touch the core? How to tap into our  highest potential? How to create our highest reality?

The very first and foremost tapping key is in


Revelation of our Whole Self along with our formated realities and also in the Revelation of Science of Life.

The second tapping key is in


Articulating our untapped potential with the Science of Life to reach to the Spontaneous Manifestation.

At Poornam – Venturing Wholeness we guide you to Spontaneous Revelation and Articulation of combining Self and Life as One through

###Spontaneous Creative and Natural Pursuits.

Every Human is unique and so is his/her journey. We can establish few standard ground work to begin but the true Articulation can only happen in person through his/her own Self-Revelation. And then been guided forward. At Poornam we follow this guideline.

We work with the Core Belief in Unleashing highest potential into reality evolves around  ‘Life is to be lived as Co-Creators living for Co-Existence.’ Then Life is Abundant, Effortless, Gentle and Creative for us all.

Spontaneous Manifestation @ Poornam is for




Together we experience:

It goes radiant from that very first Spark. You let us ignite that Spark within you. And then the spark turns to a radiant flame.

It sprouts to fully blossomed Forest from that one tiny accorn seed. You let us sow that Seed within you. And then that seed grows gradually to a fruit bearing tree.

It journeys to the destination. You allow us to walk together for those few very first Steps with you. And then the sphere of horizon expands.

Together We Can all reach to our highest potential and to our highest realities.

|| Shubham Bhavatu || || Shivam Astu ||

In Love with Life

Your Co-Creator
Minal Dalal

Visionary/Founder @ Poornam – Venturing Wholeness

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