On the eve of new year

Reflect on the years passed by
Being true to our own self
And account the strengths we have gathered
And weaknesses we have nurtured

We live to grow
We live to expand
We live to be more
To gather more light
To gather more sight
To gather more might

This can only happen
When we commit to ourselves
When we contemplate
When we decide to change

The new Dawn is just a reason
An opportunity and a sheer spark
Which we can ignite within
To shed our limiting self
And Wear a new abundant self

More open more receptive
More courageous more serene
More focused more connected
And more Living than ever before

We are More by default
Let’s venture into it…
We have more Life in us
Needing us to be exploring it fully

With just one promise to ourselves
That I am More and I want to Live that More
In this life
This moment on…
On the eve of year passing by
On the beginning of a new Dawn
Every passing moment
Here on….


In love with Life

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal