I am a Whole Life Institute

Here with me
You will know who you are
You will know what you deserve
You will know how to become
And how to be

Here with me
You will know how to take care
And where are fallacies
And how to overcome
What your dreams say
And how will you go for it

Here with me
You will know what Life demands
And how it operates
What conditions and situations
Indicate to you
And how to take them in your stride

What is the intrinsic Web of relationship
And how to Touch
How to be Human
And how to enhance yourself
How to grow your reach
And how to go further

In the mirror you will see
Who you are and why
It will also show you
What you can be and how

The very roots
The very Core

All very gently simply and naturally
And your life will be a creative expression
Which will become a song
that will be heard eternally…


In love with Life

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal