Feeling proud and blessed to be a female


What I have learned from my rich experiences in life is that
Males needs females just to feed himself. Either their stomach or their ego. They can only pretend to be support and security for females in real sense they only stand besides to the extent of his own needs. He can only give 10% or 20% to the the extent of he is receiving or he wanting to receive. Male’s entire giving is based on his needs of receiving and never out of unconditional love or respect of womanism. To retain his need of feeding self pampered ego he has used dirty weapons of environment of insecurity and superficial stand of support and love for females.
On the other side females is full of love and courage and unconditional love and support for males. She can raise herself to any extent of level to be giving to his male. Till the extent that she sabotages her own dignity and confidence of what she can be when out of the superficial need of love support and security of males. She can give beyond point out of her need of unconditional giving and henceforth she is the one behind all the creations and heroics ever in life. Either directly or indirectly. And when she raises herself to create it is solely because of her own strength and courage or receiving support from other females.
What she needs is to recognise her own fullness and strength and courage to overpower males. What she needs is to be mechanism that fulfills the need of love support and security for each other while also feeding males. This only females can provide to other females and no males can ever.
Here in India males worship female Gods for his selfish needs. The same God ism which prevails in females he is living with and around he fails or denies to recognise.
If females are intending to live in free open virtuous and healthy living place she will have to recognise herself. She will have to be joining hands and hearts with other females to support their needs of support security and love. She will have to ignite the same spark in each other. I do not suggest that she stops feeding males but accepting the fact that she is far more superior then males when it comes to giving when it comes to raising herself while supporting and loving and feeding males and also to the larger part of the society.
Only females can. If she chooses to ignite recognise raise herself and spread amongst themselves. No male can without females or just with the help of other males. But females can.
Only females can.

@ Minal
Feeling Proud and Blessed to be true female.