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The ultimate Human Potential is to attain the state of Effortlessness and Wholeness, the state where everything is achievable and can be manifested with Ease. Poornam – Venturing Wholeness is an Institute intending to drive all Human Beings towards more meaningful and potent living. We at Poornam have crafted two methodologies for the same. Creative Processentials and Processive Products.

Creative Processentials are Group and Individual Spontaneous and Creative Essential Process Programs whereas Processive Products are same processes in form of Creative Products which can be undertaken while in one’s own space and time.

To elaborate further Creative Processentials is a new terminology coined at Poornam. Which means as Essential Processes carried out in Spontaneous and Creative manner to achieve desired results. Our desired results are every single Human Being live meaningful life and optimize their living up to their potential. We intend to help all humans leading to their meaningful and potent living.

We have found need to work on three areas as major to work upon.

  • Youths and Adults who have known a bit and are through some experiences and are in need of support for a shift to higher level
  • Diseased people who are stuck mainly because of their physical diseases and not finding the means and methods to heal deeply or from very root causes to live healthy and potent life
  • Pre-Teens and Teenagers who are fresh and bubbly with big dreams in their eyes but looking for a path or guidance


Spontaneous Manifestations

  Spontaneous Manifestation:

Being Humans, the super most species

We have the choice…

  • To drag life just to survive and fulfil our basic needs
  • To live life of our dreams and aspirations OR
  • To raise to our highest potential and create our highest realities.

The Core and the Wholeness is must for Potential Living.

Detachment or lack of it results into DisEased Living.

Tap into your Core strength with Spontaneous and Creative Processes.

2 session beginners program – 3 hours

12 weeks Spontaneous Manifestation program:

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Dis-Ease to Ease. From within to out.

Heal Life to Heal Body.

Process program to heal from within with Gentle and Essential Processes.


2 session beginners program – 3 hours

12 Weeks Deep Healing program:


The Wholed 

  The WholeD:

The formal School and Degree Education is insufficient for Successful, Happy and Fulfilling Living.

Formal Education is just one dimension to WHOLE and INFINTELY POTENTIAL Living.

It can either be learned by experiences and hard lessons for life OR Spontaneous and Creative Processes.

Explore your WholeD and put it together to work for you.


2 session beginners program:

12 weeks Create your unique journey program

With the intention to spreading to mass, along with Individuals we are also intending to associate with

  • Schools and other Educational Institutes for Teenagers and Parents in alignment for Life coaching in Wholeness.
  • Doctors and Healing Institutes for deep rooted and complimentary processes for healing life to heal body.
  • Corporate for healthy growth of human resource, an organisation and society by large.
  • Social groups and NGOs for invoking Humanness and lead them to the Effortlessness thereby creating healthy and potent living environment for all.

Most importantly both our Creative Processentials and Processive Products intend at

  • Invoking your Core Strength
  • Connecting you to your Wholeness and
  • Expressing it as your highest created Reality.

I welcome you to your journey within. From your Essential Being to your Infinite Being with our Spontaneous and Creative Pursuits.


Together, we can attain Light, Truth and Purity which is our Being.


|| CO-CREATE ||   || CO-EXIST ||   || BE MORE ||








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