We all struggle thoughout life for righteousness and wrongness. We remain under immense pressure of right and wrong decided by others. This struggle is like a gravity force which doesn’t let us free and rise where we can be ourselves and we reach to our own truth and light.
Unfortunately we as parents relatives friends acquaintances society religion and belief system knowingly and unknowingly pressurise our children and loved ones and followers to believe in what we believe as right and live accordingly.
There is no greater disaster any human can ever fight for. Although we all are capable of breaking free of this gravity pull to connect with our own self and live life of our highest potential we cease to break free. We cease to go bold and courageous. We cease to listen and trust our own voice and process through this struggle of transition phase. We by our own self cannot believe and trust the light and freedom on the other side.
We must live and do things out of respect love and compassion but not out of pressure of someone else’s truth and righteousness.
And if we are these parents or loved ones or acquaintance or society we are greatest harm to our own human race. There can’t be any higher calamity that can ever happen to us and through us.
Have the courage to break free and at the same time have the courage to free others as well. Let us all reach to our own truth and light and our own Being. Once and forever.
– Minal