My dear friends,

You all have been journeying with me since a year. All of yours warm and caring company has kept me going and today got me to a place whereon i can now take this further.

With all of yours feedback on my posts i came to know that my words, intents and expression through write ups have worked as a PROCESS. It has worked in within me as well as within many of you. I now want to give it a much better format. The Email Circle, where I will be sharing with you profound processes, life experiences and learning and unlearning. This will be a periodical circulation for now. Later i intend to give it more like a Circle of Seekers in network.

This is my Email address. Would this appeal to you, do mail me your interest and we will join as an E Circle. Attaining our highest state of Effortlessness and Wholeness is the ultimate purpose of our life and this E Circle.

Together We Can.


In Love with Life,

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal