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We all have our potentials and dreams and our callings…

On the other hand we also have our life issues and issues related to ourselves…

Unless and until be become aware and we learn to resolve on our own all our talents are in vein.

The key is in nurturing ourselves right.

And the way begins with learning to remain connected with our inner self, the core and we also learn the art to connect right with everything including our life.

The more we discover about us, the more we process to clear the chaos, the more we express through implementation… We live our highest potential. We create our highest realities. Then the life goes infinite.

We live and we also spread life.

And this Essential process can also resurge through Gentle, Spontaneous and Creative pursuits.

At Poornam – Venturing Wholeness we bring for you 3 Creative Processentials that are revolves around the same Core Philosophy.


Spontaneous Manifestations

Platform session of Spontaneous Manifestation

|| Youths ||    || Adults ||


Within ourselves resides all that we need in life to accomplish. Even creating life beyond our sphere. What our ancestors knew and establish we have lost that art.

Art of letting our Inner Being lead our life.

This art of Spontaneous and Creative Processes which perfectly go in sync with our current lifestyles without having need to spare time to get indulged. The processes which not just let’s you connect but also ease and free yourself from all the clutters and chaos of life thereby allowing your true self emerge and be converted into your reality.

Passing through processes and experiencing is the key to self awareness and self awareness is the spark to all the happenings in life. How much ever Infinite or eternal it may be…

While in this Platform session you
– Connect with silence space and stillness within
– Express your Inner self
– Free yourself to experience Ease
– Be More by experiencing your higher self
– Express your enhanced self
– Overcome by raising yourself
– Celebrate your unique Being

Creative Processential Facilitator : Minal Dalal

Time Investment: 4 hours
Self Investment: Rs. 900/- (inclusive of all material)

We also intend to associate with Societies, Corporates and Social Groups to maximise potential of Human Resources.

Raise yourself to Raise your life.


The Wholed

Platform session of The WholeD



School and other educational endeavours are insufficient to prepare for Life. And we come to know at the age of 40/50 and are hardly left with courage to follow our inner self.

We either learn by hard lessons of life or by the lessons learned by others and what our elders school and society teaches us.

The right age to know and choose is teenage.

As at this age we are dreamers and most connected with our inner self where it all resides. Just a little spark and a guiding direction on how to go about life is all that we need at this very crucial age.

Invoking spark from within and remaining connected with one’s Being is the key to creating highest potent life. This is art of life which is Essential Spontaneous and Creative yet very Profound.

While in this platform session teenagers

– Connect with your inner self
– Express your dreams and aspirations
– Learn to get guidance from within
– Plan and project your journey
– Experience your higher self
– Overcome by raising self
– Lessons of Life

Creative Processential Facilitator : Minal Dalal

Time Investment: 4 hours
Dream Investment: Rs. 900/- (inclusive of all material)

We also intend to associate with Schools and other Educational Institutes to supplement Essential Life Learning at this very crucial age with Spontaneous and Creative Pursuits.

Raise yourself to Raise your life.


Healife Logo

Platform session of HeaLife



Disease is absence of Ease. And Ease is our innate nature. Our true Being. All diseases on physical body or mental stress or emotional traumas are indication that we are disconnected with our own healthy self or we are suppressing and denying to express.

Unless and until we connect and accept our healthy self and learn to freely express we can never heal or overcome from the very root.

Healing happens from within to out.

When we heal our life from within we can not just win over any disease we can also elevate our life to yet higher level.

While in this platform session healing seekers of life

– Connect with silence, space and stillness within
– Express your pains
– Free yourself and Experience Ease
– Connect with your healthy self
– Communicate with your pain
– Establish faith bridge with healing
– Celebrate your Being

Creative Processential Facilitator : Minal Dalal
Time Investment: 4 hours
Health Investment: Rs. 900/- (inclusive of all material)

We also intend to associate with Doctors and Healing Centres to initiate healing of life with Spontaneous and Creative Pursuits.

Raise yourself to Raise your life.
Besides these platform process sessions we have also crafted for you 12 weeks in depth sessions, 2.30 hours once in a week process program to make a big shift in your life.

I Minal Dalal, a Visionary-Founder, Facilitator, Author and Spreader of resources for potential living, welcome you to your journey within, from your Essential Being to your Infinite Being with our Spontaneous and Creative Pursuits.

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