The religions cared of human beings. They wanted them to correct their lives but at the same time they also sensed that humans are not ready to change. Barely few of them wants to but majority can not. How to still help humans overcome the ills within??? Looking for the answers they realised only weapon that can keep humans running is in FEAR . And they created Fear. Fear of God. Fear of bad karma. Fear of hell. Fear of not reaching moksha or nirvana…
But was it a true Resolute? Could Fear of all of these made you do all that you needed in its TRUE ESSENCE? 

The ultimate attainment of human being the super most specie is to find and BE. Live their true state. Attain their wholeness and effortlessness.
How many humans in history of religion could attain their BEING out of the fear of all of these ???

Are we in need of finding the other Resolute?

Minal @ Poornam