We live is world is at all point of time influenced by outer sources. Parents, closed people, teachers, peers, society, gurus, religions and what not.

Our truth is our own and can’t be defined by any outer source. It is within us. Dormant. Wanting us to open it for us. What is truth for others may or may not be true for us. Blind following can be the most disastrous for our growth than anything in this life. You may feel that the others you are listening to or following are at some much higher level than you are but that does not mean he can be of same state for you. One must keep once inner source open while in influence to any of this outer source. One must cultivate the courage and serenity to follow one’s own path guided by one’s inner self.

People who truly intend to help others in growing would only help you open up your own realizations and truth. And help you live with your own truth. If I want to see you grow my job is to connect you with your own self, let your truth and realizations come on surface, help you purify and reach to your clear lightened truth. Help you in your own enlightenment and not in enforcing your truth on someone. No one can as every individual is unique and so are their learning. The only common platform that can work for all is cleansing process through fundamental principles of life. The way to purify remains same every where but not the path to growth.

Those who have truly lived remarkable or legendary or infinite life have followed one’s own voice and trustingly and dedicately following it. One ca be true leader by inspiring and not influencing.

if one truly intends to lead to potential living, one must learn the art of going into everything in detail and till the root of why it needs to be done, why is it existing, what it is truly meant for and how is it contributing? Also for every aspect or matter there are several other related matters, if one intends to work on one aspect one must know the related aspects, consider them all from very deep level and then live with it, then it would make the true sense for you. Then it will serve you to it’s fullest.

Touch the Inner Source and lead from here on is the key to all infinity. It may sound boring and impossible, it is not just need your open heart and readiness to cultivate it within you. May it happen for all of us.


In love with Life.

Your Co-Creator

Minal Dalal