Today we all have gathered to celebrate 71st Independence Day of our Great Nation Bharat. 15th August, 1947 was the day we freed ourselves from slavery of British Rule. Few of our countrymen led and many more followed and we earned our independence. Our freedom. It is 71 years down the line and the major question which we face today is are we really Independent ? What is freedom in real sense?
Is it only that we should fight outside ruling? is it the true independence? Or are we still slaves ? If not of the outer forced but of our own inner failings. Can we retain the momentum of that freedom struggle and take our Nation to yet another Peak?
We are a Nation of Greatness that has been inherited to us from those few legends, saints, rulers, leaders and pioneers who dared to visualize, to dream what they wanted to see and also they dared to dedicate everything they had including their lives to make those dream come true.
But what next?
How many such uplifted heros born in last 70 years and how many are possible from amongst us, from today’s generation?
We are a country blessed with spiritual foundation. We are blessed with Languages like Sanskrit, Vedic Maths, Medical science of Charak, Great Spiritual Gurus and Visionaries like Vivekananda. We are also blessed with unity in diversities in several areas like geographical, religious, linguistic and the list is endless.
But how does that help ?
Having such a solid foundation in our Base are we making most out of it? Are we truly free? Free from the slavery of our own selfishness? Our own insecurities and fears and rigidity? Can we raise ourselves above our own interest?
Each of us is owner of infinite potential within us only if we realise the same. Are we the one who would carry the torch of our Great legacy to the next generation? If yes, then we must begin to rise from the captivity of our own limitations, expand our thinking beyond self, family, neighbours and society we live in. Vasudhaiv Kutumbacam is the motto to follow. The entire earth is my family. If we can own them, if we can dream of its Greatness and determine to go for it then only We can be the next bearer of that great legacy torch. It is a matter of reaching the state “no matter what” I will do anything and everything that is in my hand and my authority. I own, I belong and I am responsible for what it is and what it can be.
Then we have right to own and take pride of the children of Great Nation. In my opinion that will be true Independence worth celebrating.
Jai Hind. Jai Bharat.

Minal Dalal