Meditation as I have known and experienced is like any other form or ritual that let’s us turn inwards. As in yoga or religion or spiritual rituals or any simple task we undertake if it turns us inward it is worth.
Turning inwards is becoming aware of what is coming on surface from within. It may be through physical exercise or yoga or mantra chanting whatever the form may be it brings our inner layer on surface.
The ritual as I call it is only completed when we accept embrace and do the needful with the all that is coming on surface.
We have lots of clusters and chaos and suppressed emotions and thoughts so when in the beginning what we observe is those clusters and botherations but the more rightly we work on them either by just embracing or releasing or transforming whatever needed then we get access to our deeper layer which is pure and able. Then the strength higher purpose peace begin to come on surface and fill our life with authentic power. Gradually we find our True Being.
All the rituals performed to let us turn inward and work within can be attached with purpose and or without purpose just to let whatever comes up.
What needs to be seen as is it bringing us to the outcome in some form or other and is it gradually allowing our authentic self take hold of our life.
What comes on surface is in the form of emotions or thoughts or inspiration. We need to understand the hidden meaning and what it actually intends to tell us. And also asking us to bring it into implementation. When Meditation or Yoga or any ritual or simple task we perfom by fully engaging into it. This is what happens and this is what the outcome has to be.

– Minal @ Poornam