When we look at appearance of clothing of someone we immediately come to reaction. Dirty awful misfit unproper and so on… we immediately bind a belief within.. one must wear these type of clothing and we continue with these beliefs forever…

Can we look beyond the appearance that is naked body underneath the dress up..
The rigid or open mind beneath that body…
The painful or joyful emotions beneath that mind…
The most beautiful soul beneath those emotions..

Can we ever go beyond???

The ugliness or beauty lies in the eyes of seer or beholder and not the doer or appearance…

Next time when you feel agitated with someone’s appearance or clothing.. see within.. isn’t it your own reflection??

And make efforts to go beyond. Beyond clothing to body to mind to emotions to that

Eternal beautiful soul residing within each appearance or body.. cultivate this habit of going beyond everything

And you will need nothing else in releasing your own miseries.. in creating beautiful life for you and for others.


Compassion with Minal @ Poornam