What we call as journey of life is?
Layer by layer. Shifting levels. From out to within to out. From periphery to core to infinity.
From gross to subtle and most effective.

There is a journey of practical life.
We undertake Journey of body. We grow we become older we decay and we pass away.
We undertake journey of mind away from emotions. From one belief to other. To newer perceptions or decays. Sabotaging self. Limiting or expanding our self.
Then there is a ones own journey of life. From one destination to the other. One achievement to the other. Successes failures growth or decay…
Then cumulative lives as a family friends acquaintances society citizens and global entity. We are connected and we impact on others lives. How ? Helping to grow or sabotage ? Self centered or co-creator? Giving or sucking.
The purpose. Happiness and fulfilment.

Above this is a journey of one’s own soul. From one life to the other carrying imprints. Struggling to understand and grow or simply surrendered. Craving for freedom and reaching to the state which is souls own state. The Core.
There exist journey of life above. Which has its own meaning. Creating destructing. Enriching or scattering. For the highest growth of all living beings and existence of life itself. The Nature. The destiny. Universes. It’s own secrets. Divinity we call it. Where it all manifests.

Only we humans have choice to raise our selves from one level to higher level and unfold higher and higher meanings. Of self. Of others. Of soul. Of life. Of time and space or the universe.
The more one chooses to rise above the more secrets unfolds. The more one can enter into impacting the lives … of all… positively. As life does with highest level of love care and warmth. And compassion.

It’s choice.

@ Minal