Sharing with you one precious lesson learned from life.

Look for change.
Internally and externally. At every intervals.
The river can merge into ocean and become vast is because it choses to flow and not be stagnant at one point or place.

Look for change.
Your living place. Your work place. Your career path. Your chosen roads. The environment around.
Change them all at regular intervals. You can’t give yourself any better opportunity in harnessing your best self but in choosing to change.

Look for change.
In your behaviour patterns. Thought process. Beliefs set within. Your perceptions. Dare to change them time to time dissolving your view point of righteousness.

Travel a lot.
Within and around.

Dare to enter into unknown zones and experiences. Give yourself opportunities. Then you can enter into the infinity. The highest point of humanness.

Growth is in moving flowing changing and adapting than in remaining stagnant. At one point or place.