Yet another lesson I learned from life.

Touch the lives with gentleness. Invoke your warmth and let it flow naturally.

Every single life here is hurt and aching. Every single life here is struggling to cope up. Be the one soothes. Deepen yourself to feel that pain.

Be the healer.

And not just with fellow humans or other living beings but with everything you come in contact with. All non living things as well. Touch them all very gently. You will need to harness yourself to be gentle and graceful.

Cultivate grace.

Warmth and grace will enable you to enter into heart and soul of infinity. The more warm and graceful you are the more power you will acquire to change. The more power you will acquire to unleash. Your life will then flow into everything. You will then be connected and one.

You will be in sync.

This sync will transform everything into its purest. It will create a new rhythm. This newly created rhythm will not only elevate yourself to your highest but will help every single life you would have touched.

Be that transforming power. Be the elevator.