Truth can never be given. It needs to be attained. It needs to be reached to and exfoliated.

No one can ever give us our truth. No one can take us into light but our own self. How much ever we trust truth given by other.. higher authorities or religions or who ever.. we have to attain the truth. Which is a journey. Inward and outward.

Truth is experience above all righteousness and wrongness. As truth comes to you out of both. One has to dare to know rather than stuck with notions of right and wrong. One must dare to charter all known and unknown territories and learn from the experiences.

Lessons learned from experiences lead to truth.

Truth then leads one to freedom. It requires courage to break all outer shells. Caterpillar turning to butterfly is having courage to deal with struggle of transforming. As it is aware that at the end of tunnel is light and freedom. The truth of one’s own self.

Dare to overcome pre conceived notions. Dare to experience it all. Dare to know. Dare to attain.

The life here on is eternal infinite and immortal.