Strive to give more than your the best

If you are giving less than your best possibility you are under living. If you are giving your cent percent in everything you have to deliver you are still under living.

You are leading to your potent living only and only if at every single time you deliver you strive to give more than your the best. If you strive to stretch yourself beyond.

We are hardly living what every single human is potent of as we are stuck at intricacies of our own mind emotions and physical limits compounded with situations environment and other external forces. But this is not what we ought to be.

What can be the highest potential of human being? What can it contribute to? Every single one of us. No matter what.

The only way further is striving to give more than our the best. Striving to deliver beyond our capacities and means. Every single work we carry out. Every single thought we think on. Every single breath we inhale and exhale. Every single opportunity we receive.

Strive to give more than your the best.

Your process of individual being to family being to associate at your work potential to social being to global being to universal being will enhance. The higher you deliver the sooner you will rise to the other level.

Simply strive to break your barriers. Strive to give more than your the best.