A bit longer.. But this will unleash.

I invite you into your personal adventurous journey at this different time. Today is different time because we are compelled to act, think, feel, sense and live outside of the routine zones we have ever lived in.

Today (25th March 2020) We are living in a phase of chaos and fear in outer world as well as inner world. We are compelled to seat at homes for a longer period of time (which we would have chosen for ourselves), each of us will be facing same chaos, fears and frustrations arising on surface from within our own selves.
Even after this different time will pass away, the personal social and economical challenges will be here to stay for long. The echoes of today will be heard for many years to come.

All of us will be needed to break our comfort zones and venture into unknown, unmet territories within and outside, some or the the other way.

We can make the most out of it. As it indeed is a great time to remain in close contact with our own inner self, notice every single tangling happening within by allowing it unrestrictedly like a smooth sailing of a leaf in free flowing river.

Sitting idle at the verge of facing severe conditions and scare of mass survival, a lot of our beliefs as well as blind flowing will come into questions, values and priorities will change, habits will have to be rewired… At the same time new ideas will pop up and for the deep seekers new and or unknown self will emerge…
Give it a space. Let it come out. Be open and receptive with wide arms. Allow the cloud of unknown frustrations sail through…
Be honest with yourself.

Take a help of writing a journal to make most out of it. Encourage skill polishing and or pursuing your hobby.
Dare to meet the situation and fear… eye to eye.

In the beginning this all will not make much sense but at a longer period and when you will commit to remain True to your new Findings.. Your life will change for the best. Happiness Fulfilment Authentic Power which is INNATE YOU as your true Nature will start emerging. The true and potent you.

We humans are stuck at horizons built by ourselves in our mental realm. Our potential and sphere of life is thousands and millions of times bigger and richer than we have known. It’s time to break those horizons and venture into infinite opportunities to grow.