If you can venture into her Soul
Below her skin
Below her appearance
You will find
All Sacredness.. All Secrets…
Entire eternity and infinity..
The Earthly Love and Care and Compassion
And Sacrifice with utter Smile…
The heavenly compass of absorption…
If you intend to know
At her very Core..

And when you love her and respect her
She opens the doors of abundance
From all around..
She would stretch herself to
Expand your Horizons..
She will take you to ride
Where no one else can ever take you
to the uttermost treasures of life..

If you truly care for her..
She will bring you all that
beyond you can even imagine

A love pouring from every single cell
A Sacredness of Nature
A Universe within herself
Moulded in a role of
A Mother
A guru and a guide
A Sister
A heart string for ever
A Daughter
Your shared soul
A Lover
Your inspiration and backbone
A Friend
Your actively silent partner
An Entrepreneur
Who understands world better
And capable of manifesting it the easier

A Woman
The Soul of Life by her self…