today (17th April 2021) I am writing this from Mumbai. The situation is that newly constructed but unoccupied colonies, 2 star to 5 star hotels and all possible facilities are getting converted into quarantine center or covid treatment center. Yet these facilities in coming days wouldn’t be enough.
Same goes for all major cities.
The official figures out are not even 10% and the figures not reaching to govt officials is much beyond the same.

What went wrong in India???
Political intentions 1 major role player and religious blind following the 2 major role player. You name the religion, and the Saints have no power or methodology to rescue people from this covid crisis. Despite they are ensuring Boosting by gathering people in the name of Faith and Ritual. They are one of the main reasons of surge.

The other is political intentions who are still playing foul for their benefits knowing they have the power to play with people’s lives.

I am hearing 6 to 10 ambulances passing through my place every hour. So may be 150 in a day being heard from just 1 very tiny part of Mumbai city. You can imagine the all accounted of entire Mumbai in a day. And by the way these are only the ones who are needing hospitalisation of any sort which number is may be 10% of the total infected people here in my city.

I mainly blame ourselves for being a BLIND FOLLOWERS and for not being a responsible citizen accountable for today’s fatal and scary situation.

Tomorrow is in our own hands.