Have you ever wondered how life unfolds? How we reach to situations? How our history was created and how are we creating our present and future? Yes, you read it right. We created our history and we are the creators, builders of our present and future. Being the most intelligent, powerful and wise specie in the universe, we are and we can create, reshape and or change the course of life.

We are the sixth Element that governs the whole universe.

We have long forgotten this very fact of life. We have long forgotten the art of living human life. Our ancients have made several successful efforts in passing this very art to us through their work, discoveries, creativity or through their life. They are inspiring us constantly to reach and attain that very legacy or beyond but we are stuck. We are stuck in our small beliefs and so on.

There are N numbers of ways to attain the same. When we know the governing principles and begin to follow the same, we will also be unfolded with our legacy.

Everything in life is Yog or conjunction. As in math equation as in life, there are two components in everything that manifests in this universe. One component is our inner state and second component is external facets like situation, environment etc. That is one component is internal and the other one is external. Manifestation or happenings are outcome of equation of both internal and external components. To put it right, manifestation depends on how internal state let’s us react or respond to the external component. We have no control over the external components but we have total control over our internal components if we live wakeful or consciously each moment of life. Rather let’s put it this way that once we are aware of the desired outcome, external component remains unmoved, by adjusting or changing our internal state we can achieve our desired result or manifestation. To the extent that we can create life of our own choice.

In fact, if we seek to go deep, we will know that out of every equation we can derive the optimum outcome and hence create a life far beyond just a legacy. The unfathomable one. But for desired results or optimum result we first need to know our internal state as all adjustments or changes are possible with this component only.

Knowing let’s come to the point, ‘what are we expecting from life? What is it that we seek at the end of the day after all the hardship?’ With whatever goal we have in life what is that end result we are looking for? happiness, peace, harmony. Isn’t it? From all the material possessions that we have or people we live with, the end result we look for is joy, wellbeing, peace, harmony and that’s it. Does the end result we derive last long?

If the answer is not yes, then what brings us last long wellbeing, happiness and harmony? Where do we get it and how? Each one of us and all living or non-living beings or material objects are connected with every other living or non-living being through invisible threads. Our tiniest emotion, intention, thought or action has ripple effect on entire universe.

We believe that outer facets like material objects or living beings or people bring us happiness. Our wellbeing, joy including bliss is derived from possessing external components whereas it is totally otherwise. Attachment with external components bring us pain, diseases, discomforts, unhappiness and is a source of our small and timid living. Wellbeing, Joy, Bliss, Eternity is the Innate nature of our very Essence or Atman or Paramatman who we are.

This is our humble effort in making you aware of this very source concept of all manifestations and life experiences or rather creation of our very life, the essentials of blissful, eternal, infinite life and gradually how to cultivate it.

The highest goal is ‘Consciously Co – creating our ultimate human story.’ Together we can invoke who we are and live who we are. The sixth element that governs the whole universe.

In love with life.

Your Co – Creator

Minal Dalal