How events and situations unfold in life and in universe? What is theory of creating, sustaining and destructing? What actually happens when creation, change or destruction happen? And how can it be manifested? What is manifestation and how it comes to reality? As we have seen in previous post, every occurrence has conjunction happening behind the scene. This conjunction or Yog has two components equating with each other. The first component is inner state of living being and the other component is external state like situation, environment, time etc. In next post we will see how inner state of living being influences or imposes manifestation.

But for now, we are humans, the most intelligent and blessed specie on this universe. Only we humans have power and capacity to crash all layers and invoke our very Essence, the atman and the Paramatman, the God element. Each of us is that God Element, who have long lost who we truly are. We have long forgotten our qualities and capabilities as creators. As in now, like any other specie we are passively or timidly or selfishly participating in creating our own life and affect that of entire universe. Reason is we are leading by our bodily, sensory, mental or emotional urges where as we should be led by the force of our Essence or Atman, then and only then we can actively participate in Universe’s or Nature’s need of creation or sustenance. We as body, senses, mind or emotions know very slightest whereas our Essence, the Atman knows it all.

All material occurrence in universe gets manifested through 5 elements as we know. And all new creations or changes also gets manifested through change in formation of these very five elements. Manifestation is nothing but formation of 5 elements. Any change in this formation and we experience new occurrence. Question is who influence this formation? There has to be some force that governs new formations. There has to be some Element which is immaterial, intangible but enough powerful to influence formation of 5 elements and envelop new manifestation.

We are the sixth Element that creates, modifies or changes the whole course of life. All other 5 elements we know (the material world is made up of 5 elements earth, water, fire, air and space) have no power at all other than dancing in the tune of sixth element, that is our Essence. We have long lost that art. We have become attached and slave of the possessions upon whom we have kingly power. We are the force that governor this universe. We are the governors of life. Of entire universe. The more power our Essence can execute, or rather the more power we let our Essence to lead and execute, more influence we can produce.

We will continue with this series of how we can execute our conscious power as Sixth Element.

In love with life.

Founder and Co – creator

Minal Dalal

Amysh – Spontaneous Manifestation