In the series ‘We are the Sixth Element’ today we will see, how do we influence or impose manifestation?

We are the force behind each occurrence. We are the ones who created history. We are the builders of our present and future. We are the ones who in sync with Nature shape life of all. How?

As we have known, this tangible universe is made up of 5 elements, earth (pruthvi), water (jal), fire (agni), air (vayu) and space (akash). Out of these 5 elements first 3 are tangible (rupi, material), 4th can be experienced and 5th can only be known to the seeker (arupi, immaterial). Space is where all movements take place.

Each and every occurrence or situation created and tangible structure formed is manifested through the new sequence formed with 4 elements. Any change in sequence (formation or deformation partial or complete) initiate new manifestation. Movement of each element occurs with the help of space or akash.

Now each of these elements have their own property and at all times they behave strictly as per their own property. But they do not have any impact or influence over themselves or each other. So, they have no influence or impact or any power or any will of their own in enforcing manifestation or new occurrence. Then how life envelops? How evolution, new outcomes, change in situations etc. take shape?

They first take shape at inner state of living beings (bhaav). Each living being or specie has expression of their essence, this expression is called as bhaav. Although the power of each Essence or Atman is same, their expression is forceful and impactful only in accordance to the specie it resides within. The less evolved specie has less expression power emitting to the outside world. This expression is what we know as vibration. Consciously or unconsciously our expression, bhaav impulses vibration which enforces directed elements in formatting or deformatting hence shaping of new sequence. We know them as new occurrence.

Being the most intelligent of all species, we have the power to consciously choose what to vibrate? What force to be transmitted and what occurrence to envelop. Not just we have the power of choice we also have the power to emit and influence manifestation. We have the power to widen the sphere of our emittance and reach out the whole of the universe. Spreading out or widening the circle is a process and real purpose of being human. We have to make this as a conscious choice and work on our inner state, invoke more force of our essence by quietening bubbles of our bodily, sensory, mental, emotional urges.

Creating, covering and influencing the whole universe requires integrity with this very purpose, love for all (love means detached responsibility) and dissolving the power of ego which we have accumulated since n number of lives we have lived so far. This is work of humans, nature then helps in rest. How? We will see it in later posts. Next post will be, if we have this power, why we suffer?

In love with life.

Founder and Co-Creator

Minal Dalal

Amysh – Spontaneous manifestation